We are a strategic ally to achieve the objectives of your production plant.

Syntec provides an expert service with highly accurate and reliable deliverables to support the correct decision making in critical areas of production plants.


Simulation is a tool that uses mathematical models to represent physical phenomena through experimental or numeric computational techniques.

Consulting in Equipment and Process Optimization

It consists of the study of the variables that affect the performance of a particular piece of equipment or an operation in general in order to generate solid proposals to...

Specialized Engineering

Engineering Development, focused on case studies particularly in processes and operations, centered on improving performance and productivity.

Strategic Consulting

Consulting whose deliverables facilitate critical decision-making in a production plant.

CAD 3D Geometric Surveying

Reconstruction of geometric data for engineering.

Experimental Analysis and Data Acquisition

Development of experimental studies through laboratory applied engineering methods whose objective is the acquisition of defined data for the resolution of...

Research and Development (R&D) Projects

R&D (research and development) projects comprise creative and systematic work carried out with the aim of increasing the volume of knowledge and devising new applications based on available knowledge.