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Slide Through a fluid dynamic analysis of the CT, supported by computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation, problems in the flow distribution generated by the upper part of the CT... Success Stories Learn More Improvement and Redesign of Fluid Dynamic Processes Slide Describe in detail –through 3D Animation- an optimal maintenance and worm gear change procedure of a vertical mill. success stories Learn More Study for Vertical Mill Maintenability Slide Through laser scanner survey, it is possible to reinforce critical areas and increase the durability of the structure, solving displacements and/or multiple structural cracks of the tertiary crushing building, providing the client with a medium-term solution.
success stories Learn More Engineering for Operational Continuity Based on 3D Scanner Survey
Slide The chute presents several issues such as material accumulation, external body deterioration, spillage and corrosion. success stories Learn More Transfer Point Redesign (Chute Case) Slide The bucket wheel structure has presented issues during its operation such as the failure of some of its structural components. A specialized study is needed to clarify its causes, so that all the information is available to a proper decision-making. success stories Learn More Structural/Mechanical Diagnosis and Vibration Study for a Bucket Wheel Slide A device was designed to generate a vortex cushion between the cabin and the trailer. This design was achieved after a series of fluid dynamic analyses, which included computer simulations.
success stories Learn More Device for Aerodynamic Drag Reduction in Heavy Ground Transportation