It consists of the study of the variables that affect the performance of a particular piece of equipment or an operation in general in order to generate solid proposals to improve the performance of a piece of equipment or the productivity of a process.

De este modo se facilita la tarea de identificar qué tipo de respuestas pueden ocurrir frente a determinadas situaciones, evitando la exposición al riesgo para las personas, equipos, estructuras, medio ambiente, etc.

  • Failure analysis of mechanical and structural equipment.
  • Analysis of fluid dynamic processes, gases and ventilation.
  • Material handling analysis.
  • Fatigue and durability analysis.
  • Crack propagation analysis.
  • Mechanical and structural vibration analysis.
  • Equipment and process optimization.
  • Trade off analysis, feasibility and pre-feasibility studies.
  • Stress analysis of critical areas for inspection and maintenance.
  • Wear analysis for equipment service time extension.
  • Evaluation and analysis of thermal processes and equipment (fusion reactors, conversion, cooling equipment, etc).
  • Analysis of circuits and networks for handling liquids, gases, pulps and tailings.