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Syntec provides specialized engineering services, dedicated to the analysis and design of processes and equipment for productive industries, in the national and international market.

Syntec is a company at the forefront in projects, research and specialized engineering, formed by a team of expert professionals, assisted by state-of-the-art technology to solve the most diverse and complex problems posed by today's productive industry, delivering quality and cost-effective solutions, always considering a reasonable delivery time and adapted to the customer's needs.

Syntec's consultancy consists of evidencing the physics of the problems, through the use of different tools that allow avoiding trial and error testing in the field and delivering innovative and excellent engineering solutions, oriented to strengthen the process management of the operations and maintenance units of productive plants. The solutions provided by the Syntec team have as their main commitment to add value in key areas such as: reliability, operational continuity, processes, sustainability, environment, etc.

Differentiation Drivers

5 Attributes of our service

  • World-class specialized engineering.
  • Cost effective solutions to complex industrial problems.
  • Professionals of excellence, highly proficient in engineering software.
  • Use of state-of-the-art technology.
  • Solutions recognized for their high level of precision.

Syntec provides an expert service with highly accurate and reliable deliverables to support the correct decision making in critical areas of production plants.


To develop projects and engineering studies, in Chile and abroad, using cutting-edge technologies led by experts to meet the needs of the productive industries, accompanying our clients to achieve their challenges in terms of reliability, sustainability and optimization of processes with an innovative seal.


To be a leader in the development of new technologies and specialized engineering solutions of high level of complexity, recognized for professional excellence, the use of cutting-edge technologies, and a strong customer focus.

Our Value Proposition

We make our clients' investment profitable thanks to the delivery of a strategic support that results from an expert and customized engineering work, with highly precise and innovative deliverables oriented to optimize the operation of productive industries, always promoting solutions that imply a decrease in the accident rate and environmental impact and an increase in operational reliability.

Organizational Values


Innovation is in Syntec's DNA, we think outside the box to respond to the demands of today's world.


The solutions we deliver are characterized by the highest quality to support decision making of great relevance.

Customer centricity

We know that putting the customer at the center implies directing all efforts to exceed their expectations and thus build long-term relationships.

Continuous improvement

We promote transformations in the processes that consider improving environments, processes, or equipment performance.

Our Directors

César Sepúlveda Ovalle

CFO Chief Financial Officer

Mario Neira Cisternas

Chief Technology and Engineering Officer

Jorge Rivera Torres

Project Manager

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