Implemented Solutions

Client: CODELCO - División Ministro Hales

Improvement and Redesign of Fluid Dynamic Processes


The water injected into the Cooling Tower (CT) does not evaporate completely, reaching the Dry Electrostatic Precipitator (DEP) in liquid form, affecting the performance of the latter.

Client: AngloAmerican - Los Bronces

Study for Vertical Mill Maintenability


Describe in detail –through 3D Animation- an optimal maintenance and worm gear change procedure of a vertical mill.

Client: Antucoya - AMSA

Engineering for Operational Continuity Based on 3D Scanner Survey


Antucoya (AMSA) Tertiary Crushing Building has multiple cracks and displacements, mainly in structural and mechanical areas.

Client: Zaldivar - AMSA

Transfer Point Redesign (Chute Case)


The chute presents several issues such as material accumulation, external body deterioration, spillage and corrosion.

Client: Antucoya - AMSA

Structural/Mechanical Diagnosis and Vibration Study for a Bucket Wheel


The bucket wheel structure has presented issues during its operation such as the failure of some of its structural components. A specialized study is needed to clarify its causes, so that all the information is available to a proper decision-making.

Client: Chilean Energy Efficiency Agency

Device for Aerodynamic Drag Reduction in Heavy Ground Transportation


Design and build an aerodynamic prototype to reduce fuel consumption by at least 5%.

Client: WOOD

Case of Success: Process Simulation


2645 - Kinross Lobo-Marte Project Concentrator Plant Dynamic Simulation