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Jorge Rivera Torres

Experience & Activities

Civil Mechanical Engineer from Universidad de Chile, professional with more than 11 years of experience in projects in the mechanical area for large mining, specialized in numerical methods, computational mechanics in the area of computational fluid dynamics.

He has been involved in projects developed for several mininig companies, such as Codelco Andina, Codelco El Teniente, Codelco Ministro Hales, Los Pelambres, Antucoya, Escondida, Valle Central, among others.

Specialist in simulation using the numerical method of finite volume, better known as computational fluid dynamics (CFD), applied mainly to issues of ventilation of enclosures to meet environmental and occupational health regulations in terms of concentrations of particulate matter in suspension and pollutant / toxic gases. Also applied to the design and improvement of pulp/return chutes, cyclones, coolers, and a long list of equipment mainly associated with the mining industry.